I have released two CDs on which I perform original compositions.
You can listen to them here.

Intermezzo and other short violin pieces, recorded in 2007, consists entirely of studies that I assign students from Progressive Melodic Études. Thirty of the 32 pieces on Intermezzo are in Volumes I and II, and the last two are in Volume III. Accompanying me is Missoula’s renowned improvisational pianist Jodi Marshall. Thanks are due to Lucien Hut, also of Missoula, who improved upon the chords that formed the basis for Jodi’s improvisation. The CD jacket was designed by Daniel van Eendenburg of Germany.

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Scroll down in the player window and click on the title of the piece you’d like to hear.

One Being Inside All,
recorded in 2009, contains 18 songs in two cycles: The Beatitudes, with new translations inspired by the work of Neil (Saadi) Douglas-Klotz, and Ruminations, based on Coleman Barks’ translations of poems by 13th century Sufi mystic Jelaluddin Rumi. The songs on One Being Inside All are performed by Montana soprano Tonja King, accompanied by Jodi Marshall on piano and me on violin. Once again, Lucien Hut edited the chord progressions on which Jodi based her music-making. The CD jacket was designed by Russ Bertolette (www.bertosweb.com) of Evergreen, Colorado.

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Scroll down in the first player window and click on the title of the song from The Beatitudes that you’d like to hear. Scroll down in the second player for the songs from Ruminations.

The Beatitudes


I am beginning work on a third CD that will feature the Ruminations that were recorded in 2009, but with a different singer and pianist (Jodi Marshall passed away early in 2018), and about 20 additional songs based on Rumi poems for soprano, with violin and piano accompaniment.
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