In their own words, here is what students and their family members have written or said about my teaching:

As an adult learner, I came laden with a past of having grown up with a demanding European master violin maker and player. I had a high need to be perfect. Richard immediately put me at ease with his sense of humor and skillfully addressed my need for perfection.  I deeply appreciated his teaching style and dedication to the learning process. Ultimately Richard helped me find the joy in playing, and to me that was everything.  --J.W.

Thank you so much for sharing the joy of music with our family. We are absolutely honored to consider you a part of our lives.
When we were returning from the concert at your house, [my older son] asked me if you were just our viola teacher or if you were a family friend. I do consider you both our teacher and a friend. I admire how you take many of your friends and students under your wing and nurture them but also allow them the freedom to be themselves. Thank you again for being a wonderful part of our lives. -
-B.C., mother of 10- and 13-year-old students.

As an adult piano student, I have become aware of the impact that good technique has on playing well.  Our son began his violin studies with another teacher when he turned six.  After two months, I could see that she was interested only in the notes that h
e played, and not in how he produced the notes, so I started looking for a different teacher.  From the start, Richard has focused on our son’s technique, and I give credit to that for our son’s incredible progress over the past six years.  --M.S., the mother of a 12-year-old student

It's been a pleasure to have Richard come to our house for the past three years to give our daughter lessons. From the beginning she has enjoyed the challenge, and as she says herself, "Richard makes it easy to learn the violin."  He rapidly assessed her strengths and weaknesses and works on both with mastery.  Richard will not compromise technique and pitch, challenging her every week and encouraging her to practice every day. Not only has he succeeded in getting her to love the violin, but he has also given her tools that she will always use (dedication, precision).  His lessons are the perfect mix of challenge and fun.  I strongly recommend Richard as a violin teacher. --I.R.F., a 11-year-old student's mother.

Screen Shot Drew Burgueno

Above: Drew Burgueno, below: older brother Beck
Screen Shot Beck Burgueno

Thanks so much for who you are and what you bring to the lessons. You are the perfect teacher that I was hoping to find for [my son]. He’s been trying to find himself and wants to ‘own’ the violin learning. I think that playing in a recital is a good thing for him.
--EK, the mother of a 17-year-old beginner.

Richard has provided violin instruction to my son for about three years now. Under Richard’s guidance I've watched my son progress very well, and we look forward to a continued partnership with Richard in the future. My son is very happy with the patience that Richard displays working with him. He doesn’t feel rushed as Richard allows him to work at his own pace. More than anything, my son says it is fun working with Richard and always looks forward to his class.  --R.N., the father of a 19-year-old student, who continues to work with me on Skype after moving from San Diego to northern California. At the end of his second year of studies, he received an award for being the most improved player in his school orchestra.
Screen Shot Chloe Lee
Richard has been awesome in teaching my daughter to play the violin. He’s patient and explains everything as he goes. He’s made learning a fun experience, which has kept her very interested. His knowledge of music is incredible! --J.P., mother of a mid-teen beginner

I found Mr. Conviser after trying a few other teachers in North County.  He has proven to be compassionate, personable, a joy to play with, generous, and flexible, while maintaining and demanding the best from me.  His strong focus on technique does not sacrifice artistry, and his talent for composition increases his contagious love of music and the violin.  Even better, though, by creating and publishing his own violin exercises, he is truly able to customize lessons for my specific needs, increasing my abilities and drastically improving my intonation.  I thank Richard for refueling my excitement for the violin.  --M.B., a young adult intermediate student with 15 years’ playing experience

My daughter was a viola student of Richard’s for several years. He is a dedicated and professional teacher. His instruction improved her performance and technique tremendously. Because of the weekly lessons, she earned and maintained first chair in her high school orchestra. I highly recommend Richard as a teacher.  --L..A., mother of a former Maryland student

Richard teaches violin to my 17 year old son. His easy-yet-scholarly manner is a total win with a student this age. My son’s progress has been remarkable. Richard is astute at facilitating the next step at each point of development. He is skilled, encouraging, and engaging, and my son is very happy with the lessons, as am I! --J.S.

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Richard's progressive melodic études and recordings are greatly improving my technique and pitch.  Richard encourages and inspires me to play violin with joy and dedication.   --C.A., an adult intermediate student who studied with me in Montana and now has lessons in Pennsylvania via Skype

Although I have a great appreciation of classical violin, my immediate interest is in fiddling.  A very talented and experienced player, Richard has developed an incredible teaching methodology.  As I became more comfortable with his program, we began working with other learning tools more tailored to my interests.  When my enthusiasm to learn fiddle takes me off in non-productive directions, Richard guides me back to a path that is better suited for my playing level and needs, while also finding a way to incorporate my changing interests into my study plan.  He puts enormous effort into providing me with the tools I need to progress.  He is encouraging, supportive, and effective in helping to make his students better players and musicians.  I couldn't imagine a better violin teacher.  --F.T., who began violin studies in his mid-fifties

Excellent teacher, instructor, and violinist. Amazing work and really knows how to dig in[to] your roots. Never have I had a better teacher out of the six that I have had. Highly recommended for first-timers or for someone picking up the violin again. --J.M., a young adult picking up the violin again

When my son was in high school, his orchestra director gave me Richard Conviser's name. I first met Dr. Conviser when my son started taking violin lessons from him.  My son had been playing violin in school orchestras since third grade.  He had also had private instruction but was without a private teacher at that time.  Some months later our daughter, who was in elementary school, started taking lessons from Dr. Conviser.  She had had only about a year of group instruction in school.  Shortly before Dr. Conviser moved from our area, I started taking lessons from him.  Although I play piano, I had no background in the violin except for sitting in on many of my children's lessons.  I learned a great deal from those few months of lessons.  Both my children and I benefited from the music instruction from Dr. Conviser.
Dr. Conviser is also a composer.  My daughter played one of his pieces at a school concert, and at another concert my son joined her in a duet that Dr. Conviser had written. Dr. Conviser attended one of those concerts, and we appreciated the extra interest and support that he showed by attending. Dr. Conviser is also an accomplished and active musician.  At the time we knew him he performed in both solo and ensemble concerts.  
I would recommend Dr. Conviser as a teacher for children, teens or adults with varying backgrounds on the violin.  He is a talented musician, composer, and teacher.
--D.S., a Maryland parent

The San Dieguito Conservancy String Quartet performing at the May 2015 recital/concert

My son says that he always looks forward to his lessons with Richard and wishes that Richard could come every day.  We couldn’t be happier.  --K.L., mother of an 11-year-old student

My four-year-old son has a love of music, so I began an online search for a violin teacher and found Richard, whose background impressed me. My son’s progress far exceeded my expectations: he quickly learned to read music, and the lessons left him wanting to learn more. Richard has a gift for focusing young musicians, but the participants in a student recital at his studio ranged in age from 4 to 73, a testament to his ability to work with everyone. Following the recital, Richard performed chamber music with fellow musicians, and we were amazed at his musical talent. We feel very fortunate to have found him; he is a gift to children and to music.--E.M.

Thank you so much for teaching me to play the violin in a way that enables me to play exactly in tune. I have learned so much in the year that you have taught me. --S.L., a home-schooled teenager in Maryland

Richard is a wonderful violin teacher and an outstanding performer as well.  He is constructive, compassionate, warm and fun.  His enthusiasm and love of the violin is contagious.  My daughter is very quiet and shy, but he has a brilliant way of connecting with her.  He knows who she is and how to use that to challenge and motivate her.  His expectations are very high, but my daughter is willing to meet those expectations because of his positive attitude and his high encouragement.  I'd be proud to recommend him to other parents.    --T.M., mother of a 12-year-old student

I am a senior citizen but started the violin just three years ago. Therefore, I was looking for an instructor who has patience. In the first eight months with Richard, I learned more than in the previous two years with another instructor. He motivates me instead of discouraging me the way the other instructor did. He is a great instructor.--N.N.

My son has been taking violin lessons with Richard for three years now. He looks forward to every lesson, and he values Richard’s classical style and elegance in teaching. Richard has done wonders. He always works with our schedule and is very accommodating. --E.M.N.

My daughter is ten times the violinist she was nearly three years ago when she started her studies with Richard.  He is an amazing teacher.  --C.Z.., mother of a 13-year-old Ohio Skype student

I appreciate the way that Richard just keeps trying when I don’t catch on very quickly to what he is teaching me.  --A.Z., the 13-year-old student in Ohio

I am 13 years old and have taken lessons since I was six. I’ve studied with Richard for only a year. What makes him different from my other teachers is that he has developed his own music books, and he keeps revising and improving them. That really shows his dedication as a music teacher. --N.M.